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30 pages of self discovery that will help you with conscious clarity.


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Enjoy 20 Free Inspirational Desktop Wallpaper Images For Fall!

Building a business mindset starts with what you look at every day. Why not make you desktop a beautiful space filled with inspiration and a can-do attitude! My spring and summer desktop wallpaper images were so popular I decided to keep going with fall. Here are your newest set of

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This IS me … Starting video blogs (v~logs) no BS … Entrepreneurial Mindset for Women

I love the idea of helping create a positive entrepreneurial and business mindset for women, especially in a time where we have so much opportunity. With that being said, I have a confession to make ... I have no idea what my direction is for this website. My goal has

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Join the discussion: Start Your Own Business

I have been the happy and proud owner of the LITTLE DOG RETREAT www.thelittledogretreat.com since 2007 when I decided to leave my cushy bank and finance job and start my own business from scratch. The first year was rough and that is a huge understatement, but as time went by

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Stress Less Work / Life Bundle

This complete self guided bundle lets you dream, plan and execute your week while setting goals. Visit here to purchase for only $10 and download.  

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Why You Need A Digital Product & How To Make One (Learn How To Plan, Develop, Build, Sell, Promote & Protect Your Product)

If you are reading this then that means your are probably considering if not already have an online blog or business. If so, my  immediate challenge for you is to start your own digital product. Here I will discuss how to Plan, Develop, Build, Sell, Promote & Protect your digital product! There

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Enjoy 20 Free Inspirational Desktop Wallpaper Images For Summer!

Hello, it's Sasha and I am back with my 20 free inspirational desktop wallpaper images for summer this time! Everyone loved the spring wallpaper images so here is a new collection of fun and flirty summertime inspiration. Go out and get some summer! To me, the summer is all about

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As a self employed entrepreneur it is difficult to know how to secure your own future. Learn the fundamentals to crating your own lasting legacy.

Learn how to design and create your own branding for a fraction of the cost …

Learn about product photography, top-down and layout photography and how it can boost your business! Here’s how …


Learn more about how to save for retirement as an entrepreneur and set up a self funded 401K Trust …



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