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How-to Become A Great GIRL | BOSS

Our ability to compassionately understand the human side of our peers, B2B relationships and / or employees all make girls, yes girls great GIRL BOSSES. However, the term somehow inherently creates a stigma that as women we are no longer mature and therefore capable if called a GIRL BOSS. Why!

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How To Have An Epic Cinco de Mayo With My 1 min Margarita + My Homemade Bean and Sweet Corn Guacamole!

The 1 min. margarita, as I call it is my favorite go-to drink and it is defiantly a must have drink for an epic Cinco de Mayo. Plus it is super easy and fast. Here is my recipe. *This recipe relies on Blue Agave Nectar.     No holiday is really compete

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Homemade Bean and Sweet Corn Guacamole

[recipe]     Home[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Homemade Bean & Sweet Corn Guacamole - - Organic Black Beans (Drain can. ), Organic Sweet Corn (Drain can. ), Avocado (Dice and mash. ), Salsa, Your favorite tortilla chips, Combine and mix. ; - I toss everything into one bowl and mash my avocado right into

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Top 10 Ten Purse Picks for Women (Mother’s Day Ideas) …

Business Mindset for Women: Top 10 Purse Picks / Gifts for Her. Hello. What kind of things do you keep in your purse. I personally love putting things in there. A new lipstick, a cute folding comb, a brand new wallet! So this holiday season I thought why not make a

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How I accidentally declared fraud on my website template company and they repaid me in kindness: true story …

Business Mindset for Women: How I accidentally declared fraud on my website template company and they repaid me in kindness: true story. I use the Girlie theme template, see blow by SKT Themes. If you look at my site now and the original template you can't see a connection. I

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Get Organized with These 6 Free Recipe Page Designs

Business Mindset for Women: get organized with these 6 receive page designs. So I'm going to be honest, these do not have a lot to do with business. I have been reorganizing my meal planning lately and that means going through all my old recipes and trying to make sense

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