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Welcome to the BLOG LIFE: The Nuts & Bolts For Success … Do you love reading blogs? Have you ever thought about starting your own? Do you have an amazing idea, product, service or personality you want to share with the world? Perhaps you already have a business and you need or want to take it online? Here are my favorite, tried and tested resources that I use not only for my own blog website, but also for my physical storefront business; the LITTLE DOG RETREAT TM

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This is a $25 digital download that really helped me change my game plan

for both Pinterest & affiliate links. Click image or HERE to learn more and check it out! It is totally worth it.


This book really helped me see where I was going wrong with my blog approach and how to correct it. I highly recommend it. For more click image above or HERE.


Learn how to illustrate your own digital graphics.

Are you looking for graphics for you website or blog? Why not create them yourself? Learn how with this awesome program. Easy to follow and super fun.

I finished not only with an understanding of new tools and techniques, but with a real finished product! $45 for a limited time with this link HERE.


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$48 per template or $99 for all + support for 1 year.

Read my full story HERE


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Just click the images below to view the full website and get more information.


For a list of my favorite equipment click HERE –> Photography | Blog | VLOG | Podcast |  Webinar | YouTube  



This is an easy and fun to use e-commerce tool that works really well paid or for free. They offer a simple set-up and integration right onto your website so no one leaves your page and get distracted, which is super important when trying to make a sale.

My favorite web domain service. I have been with Bluehost for literally 10 year and host 11 domains and 4 operating businesses on the hosting platform! I love them!


MY hands-down favorite place to get themes! They are super integrated, well written and come with an amazing cheat-sheet of how-to use it and customize it (not everyone does that) + friendly support (read my story in link above).

An easy to use web graphic tools to create your blog post images, Pinterest images, Facebook and Instagram images.

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ConvertKit is an email sequence automator that works seamlessly with your webinar source, e-commerce source and courses and lead pages.


This is a user-friendly e-commerce and affiliate service that literally helps you make money. You can easily sell your own products, link up with others and sell products that you like as well as host your own affiliate sales to others’ accounts … brilliant! Click HERE to check them out for yourself. LINK HERE 


If you plan on blogging, you’ll need to plan on setting up a Pinterest account. It seriously drives traffic right to your blog. However, all that pinning can be exhausting (even for a crazy passionate Pinner like myself) so you’ll want to streamline your process and schedule pins with an automation system. That is exactly what Tailwind does for you. You log-on, add your pin pictures and schedule when you want them posted throughout the day, each week forever. Learn more HERE.


Get loads of inexpensive yet amazing templates, themes, plugins, graphics, video and more!





Create your own Amazon Affiliate Shop using Code Canyon and WooZone! Simple system that lets your earn commissions directly from your Amazon Affiliate links!

Click HERE  to view more information and purchase. (full post explanation and tutorial coming soon)



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I used to pay an expensive accountant to do all my S Corp and personal taxes and each year they waited to the last minute to file and I always had to pay a lot and saw my refund go directly into their pockets. Argh! So I have been using TaxAct since 2013 and it is literally easy. Just easy!! I pay under $50 for my business, my husbands’ business and our family taxes. AMAZING!  CLICK HERE 


business mindset for women enroll in free 10 day business blueprint course and newsletter


NOTE: I am an affiliate for each of these wonderful businesses. So I may receive a commission if you click or use one. However, it will not affect what you do or pay. In fact, if you do choose one of these I highly recommend signing up as an affiliate immediately afterward and GET YOUR BLOG-ON! 


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