This IS me … Starting video blogs (v~logs) no BS … Entrepreneurial Mindset for Women

I love the idea of helping create a positive entrepreneurial and business mindset for women, especially in a time where we have so much opportunity. With that being said, I have a confession to make … I have no idea what my direction is for this website. My goal has always been to help inspire those who want to become self employed, but don’t know where to start or what to do. I’ve dabbled with a few concepts like mentoring or courses, but the truth is I actually do not want to mentor, but I do want to help. After 10 years in business alone, I know how isolating it can be. At t the same time I just do not have the time to dedicate personal attention to those looking for it. I have my primary, successful business and two Little people to raise. Does that mean that you won’t come back to my website? Or you’ll move on? Perhaps, that is a risk I am going to take. If you are reading this or hopefully watching my video’s I want you to know that you can achieve anything you literally set out to accomplish. It may not be easy or fast, but your goals are achievable. I truly believe we can all have exactly what we want in life, we just need to figure out what that is first. It will look differently for everyone and you may have to do it in baby steps. With the right mindset you can take one step at a time and move in the direction that will ultimately make you happy and fulfilled.

I started this website like a letter to a dear friend that needed some advice and then somehow after watching countless webinar’s and video’s about how to monetize a blog I lost my motivation and direction. It would be nice to make an income from this, but that is not my actual goal. Nor, does it motivate or inspire me to keep writing. Instead, it literally cut a hole in my mind map and direction for this website and in the past few months I haven’t even wanted to sign onto my website/blog.

So now I am back with a fresh perspective and an eager attitude to start my own video journaling journey. I hope you enjoy it, love it and share it. I hope it makes you feel motivated and less alone on your business journey. Mostly, I hope it inspires you to get started in any capacity to accomplish your goals.

I feel like this website / blog / video channel is really like raising my kids. I am just going to try my best and hope that in the end, many years from now that this too turns out great. I feel like it will and therefore I know that no matter what that I will try hard to bring you only helpful information, solid advice and professional discoveries that have had a positive impact in my professional and personal life. I will be posing weekly on YouTube and then I’ll be available life weekly in my private group for Q&A. After all, if you are here then we are basically pen-pals and what do pen-pals do best? Keep the other in the loop. So here we go internet bestie … xox


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